Our Bar Games FAQ

Where can I play Let's Do Trivia!

Let's Do Trivia! has 40+ weekly game shows in bars and restaurants from Newark, DE to Ocean City, MD 

and as far west as Dunkirk, MD. 

A list of public locations can be found here

How can I start Let's Do Trivia! at my venue?

Contact Let's Do Trivia! at 877.DJ.  TRIVIA or email@letsdoentertainment.com or use our handy form located here

Where does Let's Do Trivia! get questions?

Let's Do Trivia! has four highly trained game writers who follow our strict policy for game show questions.  After questions are reviewed by staff, they are forwarded to our official game scrubber who verifies the accuracy of the answer(s) as well as the formation of the question(s).

Why can't I challenge the host about an answer?

Because Let's Do Trivia's process ensures accuracy of questions and answers, players need not worry that an answer is incorrect.  Lets Do Trivia's accuracy rate has proven 99.99% correct.  Should a player desire to challenge an answer, inquiries are received at trivia@delmarvadj.com.

What if I have a problem with the host?

Contact Let's Do Trivia! at 877.DJTRIVIA or trivia@delmarvadj.com. Company owner John Mixon will reply asap.