Bar or Restaurant Owners!

We exist to increase your midweek sales.


Competition is fierce.

You  have to always be one step ahead of your competition while establishing a year-round clientele of reliable patrons.You have more things to  juggle than most other business owner or manager. Restaurants and bars  are complex and require excellence in every area to be successful.

Don't take chances when it comes to mid-week events.

These days it seems every DJ and retired auto worker is hosting a trivia show.

But  as the slides scroll by below, you may notice that more than half of  our current restaurant roster have been hosting our events for more than  8 years!  The shelf-life of our competitor's games is typically from 3 months to 2 years.

Meet  with us so we can explain how we achieve such longevity and how we  partner with you to maximize your mid-week revenue potential.  Scroll down for more.

Turn your slowest nights into success

How Does It Work?

We help turn occasional bar or restaurant customers into regular, 

50+ visits per year trivia customers and then use their contacts to bring in new people. 

We help you utilize your social media to win.

What Makes Our Product Better?

We work for you.

We leave our ego in the car.

We know why people come out 

and how to keep them coming.

Supporting Evidence

Longevity.  As stated, many of our venues have been with us a very long time. These owners and managers are about as likely as you are to pay for an event that doesn't work.


Let's Do Trivia!

Our flagship standard

Let's Do Survey Sez...

Our Family Feud‡ styled game show

Let's Do Speed Bingo

Bingo.... but faster and much more exciting!


Before we talk cost, we examine your venue size, menu prices, location & more to make our events the most cost-effective to your bottom line.

So, contact us.  Our next move will be to secret shop your restaurant, review the findings in our office then contact you for an appointment.

In a hurry? Call.  877 DJ TRIVIA


Q: Do you supply everything to get going?

A: Yes!

Q: Does your price go up every year?

A: No. In fact, it rarely goes up at all.

Q: Will you make announcements for my restaurant's events and specials?

A: YES! We are in your venue to sell your food, drink, service, and value!

Q: When can we get started?