How did you do?


These are the questions and their answers from the table card at Chesapeake Inn:

Who directed Star Wars?

 - George Lucas

Where does the Mississippi River let out?

 - Gulf of Mexico (after the Mississippi River Delta)

What company makes Barbie dolls?

 - Mattel, Inc.

Who had a hit with “Ring of Fire”?

 - Johnny Cash

Who was Ronald Reagan’s V.P.?

 - George H. W. Bush

Name the 4 colors in a Simon game.

 - Green, Red, Yellow, Blue

Name the oldest U.S. brewery.

 - D. G. Yuengling & Son (in 1829 as Eagle Brewery)

What was the Enola Gay?

 - B-29 Bomber used to drop an Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima, Japan in WWII

Who won The Voice 2018?

 - Brynn Cartelli (coached by Kelly Clarkson)

Where is Oslo?

 - Norway

What did Robert von Bunsen invent?

 - The Bunsen Burner (among other things)

The term “Hi-Fi” is short for what?

 - High Fidelity (as in stereo systems)

Who is elected by a conclave?

 - The Pope

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